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Vote Tuesday …and please remind your friends and family to vote too!

This Tuesday’s election (April 5, 2022) school board election will decide whether Oshkosh schools continue with the community-developed strategic plan to update our very old buildings and to invest in the success of our students and community.

We support the two incumbents, Stephanie Carlin and Liz Szilagyi, for their development and support of the district’s long term plan. As a result of their vision and hard work, Oshkosh students will have two new, modern schools. They helped guide school administrators navigate the ever-changing maze of COVID and avoided a complete shut down of schools.

We identified a quote in the published media from each candidate that best captures the spirit of their candidacy.

Stephanie Carlin

  • “My guiding light is always a simple question: What is best for students? I am seeking re-election because the pandemic has been unusually disruptive to education.” — The Northwestern

Liz Szilagyi

  • “I have incredible respect and a deep appreciation for our staff and the many obstacles they have addressed over the last three school years. I have been impressed with their dedication to other key priorities while dealing with the pandemic.” — The Northwestern

Kelly Dewitt

  • “At this point, I feel as though masks need to be optional and if a parent wants to send their children without a mask, they need to be treated the same as a parent who sends their child with a mask. Parents need to be the ones making these decisions, not the school.” — The Northwestern

Sara Dougherty Noe (founder of a group that misappropriated our initials, “SOS”)

  • “What has happened in the last few years, especially with the pandemic, is that the community doesn’t necessarily trust what’s being told to them, whether it’s just in everyday, regular life or it’s in the district,” — The Examiner

Casey Radtke

  • “They’re forcing masks against people’s will. It’s coercion. And coercion is a form of domestic terrorism” — The Examiner

Matthew Tooke

  • “My real concern is the sexualization of kids and pornography. Some of the books that have found their ways into school libraries are really quite concerning,” – The Examiner

What issues are they running on? Continue to -> find out more about the candidates and their positions on issues…

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We are parents, friends, educators, business owners, and community members who want to ensure the long term health of Oshkosh schools, despite decades of reduced funding and increasing costs.

We believe that strong schools make Oshkosh a vibrant, attractive community.

We support addressing the increasing cost of maintaining our aging buildings.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to help us move Oshkosh schools forward!

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