2022 School Board Candidates' Platforms

Primaries are on Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2022 – what are school board candidates running on?

Vote Tuesday! …and please remind your friends and family to vote too

Tuesday’s primary winners will advance to the general election on April 5, 2022.

Who is running for Oshkosh’s school board? Two incumbents and four challengers:

  • Stephanie Carlin (incumbent)
  • Liz Szilagyi (incumbent)
  • Kelly DeWitt
  • Sara Noe
  • Casey Radtke
  • Matthew Tooke

Here are key quotes from each candidate.

(Further below, you’ll find links to each source and to My Vote Wisconsin: polling locations, requesting an absentee ballot, checking if you’re registered to vote).

Key Quotes

Stephanie Carlin

  • “What is best for students is continuity on the school board” — The Examiner
  • “My guiding light is always a simple question: What is best for students? I am seeking re-election because the pandemic has been unusually disruptive to education.” — The Northwestern

Liz Szilagyi

  • "I am passionate about education. I have a deep and personal understanding of education policy and how it impacts our students, staff and community.” — The Northwestern
  • “I have incredible respect and a deep appreciation for our staff and the many obstacles they have addressed over the last three school years. I have been impressed with their dedication to other key priorities while dealing with the pandemic.” — The Northwestern

Kelly DeWitt

  • “I’m in favor of the 4.7% increase,” said challenger Kelly DeWitt, who has argued that the district needs to pay more attention to teachers – The Northwestern
  • on masks: “Parents need to be the ones making these decisions, not the school.” – The Northwestern

Sara Noe

  • “We no longer trust, maybe, necessarily, what the district is telling us.” – The Examiner
  • Sara Dougherty Noe, one of the challengers, spoke to the issue of Critical Race Theory – The Examiner

Casey Radtke

  • Did not participate in the Northwestern’s Q&A

  • “They’re forcing masks against people’s will. It’s coercion. And coercion is a form of domestic terrorism” — The Examiner

Matthew Tooke

  • “My real concern is the sexualization of kids and pornography. Some of the books that have found their ways into school libraries are really quite concerning,” – The Examiner
  • “I disagreed with the decision to build the new school.” — The Northwestern

Sources and Resources

Here are resources to help you learn more about the candidates and their positions and platform.

My Vote Wisconsin

See what races are on your ballot, find your polling place, request an absentee ballot, check to see if you’re registered to vote:

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